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  • Summary of the challenge

    Modern power engineering is facing problems such as the connection a lot of new consumers to the power grid (system) as well as the unpredictable production of electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. As a consequence of these two phenomena, there are more and more problems of surpluses or shortages of required electricity in the grid, which leads to a number of problems in terms of stability, reliability and efficiency of the system. In addition, the existing power systems were not designed taking into account the energy transition we are currently in, which can lead to a number of problems in the future that we are probably not even aware of. It is necessary to find a quick and efficient solution for the current state of the system, which we believe is in the distributed accumulation of electricity that will be based on existing hardware logistics that is already in use and the application of innovative solutions that would lead to stable and sustainable system. With minimal modifications to the existing infrastructure, adding or replacing existing hardware solutions, the feasibility and implementation of the solution would be easily achievable in a short period of time. Of course, a long-term and fully sustainable solution would involve the integration of new hardware units into the system that would support system through distributed storage.  


    What hindrance do we, our customers and/or partners experience from this challenge?

    The current problems are reflected in insufficient storage systems that would have the task of balancing the electricity in the system. The existence of reversible power plants affects the environment and is also an investment venture. Also, other existing forms of accumulation systems are not sufficient to support the needs of the system in continuous operation. Proposals to solve this problem, currently on the market, are reflected in the construction of large storage systems based on batteries with different chemical structures. Such systems require time, money, human and other resources. Finally, all alternative forms of electricity storage, which are based on the conversion of the same into other forms of energy, suffer from low efficiency in real implementation, which leads to poor cost-effectiveness of the system.


    When would we, our customers and/or our partners be satisfied?

    The integration of producers and consumers of electricity together with the owners of the existing storage systems would lead to the maximum profit for each member of the system, which would also be the greatest success for us.  


    Who are we?

    Kodar Energomontaza Ltd, is a leading EPC company for power distribution and telecommunication infrastructure engineering and build in the region of SEE. We cover multiple segments of the business including planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance. We have large international experience working on projects in a number of countries. Apart from SEE region we have project experience in Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. Our main competitive advantages are:  

    • That we are able to cover multiple segments of a project (“turn key”),
    • Geographical coverage in SEE and Europe,
    • Experience in large scale international projects,
    • Regional coordination (ability to ramp up resources for specific projects, both in terms of volume and knowledge/experience)
    • Most of all our 850 employees are experienced and skilled professionals, service oriented and dedicated to the task ahead of them.



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